Writing is a passion and I’m lucky enough to have been able to carry out throughout these years.


Expression through voice, modulating it to make it suitable for each occasion, is one of the activities I like most, and I collaborate in radio presentations whenever possible.


Watercolor, Indian ink, gouache, tempera, acrylic painting, engraving, lithography… I feel comfortable with any technique.

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Pepa Úbeda Carcaixent (Valencian Country, Spain)


Studies in Mathematics (University of Valencia).
Bachelor of Arts from the University of Valencia.
Thesis in Modern History: Las relaciones de Mayans con los pre-ilustrados portugueses.
Studies in Catalan Linguistics.
Different diploma courses in Linguistics for the Valencia Government’s Department of Education.
Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology.
Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Politecnica University of Valencia.
Languages spoken: Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, and French.



Four award-winning books of poetry; all of them published.
Three award-winnig poems.
Poems for some anthologies.
Poetic Readings about the author’s own poems.
Article for La mirada amable. Published by Railowsky Bookshop in Valencia.
The guidebook to a short stories book: El Geperut del Buixcarró i alters contes. El tresor del vereder. Published by Edicions 96.
Erotic short stories accompanied by the author’s own paintings, a gourmet menu by Josep Maria Baldó, and artistic photos for the recipes by Benjamin Serrano: in Spanish (Una mentira de fábula), and in Catalan (Una mentida fabulosa). Published by L’Eixam.
AMORES VIAJEROS. Treinta y siete historias de pasión al azar (2019). Book of thirty-seven short stories based on real events. Their protagonists end up meddling in your life through words whispered in your ear. Written in Spanish. Published by Nova Casa Editorial.
Has contributed and contributes to Newspaper columns, in Spanish and Catalan, for: www.viajesalpasado.com, Revista Sur (Colombian), Utopia Magazine, Éxodo Magazine, Cartelera Turia, Punt-Avui Newspaper, Tornaveu Magazine, Saó Digital Magazine, Canemàs Magazine, Grup Vèrtex, and La Brúixola Magazine.


Published study on Howl by Allen Ginsberg and its translation into Catalan: Udol.
Member of Versions Múltiples: https://sites.google.com/site/multipleversions/authors-and-translators/ubeda-pepa/listen-to-the-author
She has translated into Catalan The Essential Ginsberg (El Ginsberg Essencial) by Allen Ginsberg. It has been published by Nova Casa Editorial (april 2019).

Plastic Artist:

Different Specialties, Topics, and Styles.
Illustrations and pictures for magazines and books.
Graphic Designer

Cultural Manager of Choral Society El Micalet in Valencia from November 2008 until November 2013.


Worked for a private clinic from 1976 to 1985.
High School Teacher of Catalan at:

Josep Iborra’s High School in Benissa (Valencia, Spain).
Sant Vicent Ferrer’s High School in Valencia (Spain).

Writer and Translator.
Plastic artist: painter, engraver, illustrator, and Graphic designer.


Teresa Forcades’ Presenter at the Assembly Hall of the University of Valencia (23/11/2010).
Keynote speaker at the 6th and 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Colloquiums on Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures of the University of Florida.
Discussions, Talk Shows, Speeches, etc. about Literature, Eroticism, Politicians, and so on.
Information about me on http://www.lletrescatalanes.cat/index-d-autors/item/ubeda-iranzo-pepa